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OpenCL™ debugger and profiler

gDEBugger CL

Graphic Remedy is proud to announce the release of gDEBugger for OpenCL™. This new product brings gDEBugger's advanced Debugging, Profiling and Memory Analysis abilities to the OpenCL developer's world, helping OpenCL developers find bugs, optimize parallel computing application performance and memory consumption.

OpenCL debugger and profiler

Selected Features

gDEBugger CL enables OpenCL developers to:
• Locate parallel computing performance bottlenecks
• Edit and continue OpenCL kernels "on the fly"
• Break on OpenCL errors, function calls, memory leaks and more
• View the application's OpenCL memory consumption
• View OpenCL images and buffers data as an image or as "raw data"
• View OpenCL command queues activities and timing measurements
• View the OpenCL calls history
• Display OpenCL and OpenGL interoperability shared objects
• And much more...

Supported platforms

gDEBugger CL is available for Windows and Linux.

Additional information

About OpenCL

OpenCL™ (Open Computing Language) is a framework for writing programs that execute across heterogeneous platforms consisting of CPUs, GPUs and other processors. OpenCL™ is an open, royalty-free, cross-platform standard. More information about OpenCL can be found here.