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Graphic Remedy is a privately owned software company specializing in software applications for the 3D graphics and parallel computing markets, specifically for developers programming with OpenGL and OpenCL Graphic Remedy was founded in 2004.


Graphic Remedy is built to create professional software products that will help companies and software developers deliver advanced, robust and optimized 3D graphic and parallel computing applications on multiple platforms.


Graphic Remedy delivers off-the-shelf professional software products for the existing desktop 3D market as well as for the emerging parallel computing market. The company's products are being used worldwide in multiple industries and in a variety of 3D graphics market segments.

Graphic Remedy is considered a world leader in the 3D graphics development tools area. The company cooperates with several leading graphic hardware and software providers. It is also an active contributor in the OpenGL ARB and a member of the Khronos Group.


With many years of experience in graphics development, Graphic Remedy's team has great expertise in 3D graphics real time debugging and profiling. The team's goal is to design innovative applications that make OpenGL and OpenCL programming faster and easier, saving programmers time and money. The team consists of excellent professional software engineers, who are focused on these areas.